Maintenance Exterior

Running a big house can be a real challenge sometimes. House maintenance may take too much time leaving you no space for entertainment. How can you improve your house to minimize the maintenance? Market offers the homeowners numerous options on their house exterior improvement. A lot of materials don’t need to be painted or treated to protect it from moisture, rot and insects. They come ready to install and can keep their initial appearance for many years. The siding in Edmonton options that don’t need much of your attention are described in the next sentence.

Maintenance Exterior

Types of siding

  • Vinyl siding. It is delivered ready to install. You choose the color when you buy the siding. No scratches can be seen on this material as it is colored through vinyl. There is no need to paint it. Yet you can do it if you want to change the color. On the other hand, vinyl can crack, so be ready to do minor repairs throughout the whole period of its service. The only thing, which should be done annually, is washing your vinyl siding with a hose or light scrubbing. Vinyl siding is recommended by North York door repair company in GTA.
  • Fiber cement siding. It is quite heavy, so it is impossible to install it over the top of the previous siding. Anyway, it is not only heavy but also strong. The manufacturers give 30 – 50 years of warranty on this kind of siding. It is fire and water-resistant. It doesn’t need to be treated against insects and it doesn’t rot. Fiber cement is available in different designs and already painted. The paint is rather durable; it is recommended to repaint after 15 years of service.
  • Engineered wood siding. This option is for those, who want their house look like it has wood siding but don’t put much effort to its maintenance. This material doesn’t absorb water, it is easy to install and the maintenance is reduced to power wash once a year.
  • Aluminum siding. It requires a little bit more effort compared to the previous siding materials because it needs to be painted approximately once in 5 years. Besides, you need to clean aluminum siding every year. In all other aspects, this material is quite good. It doesn’t rot; it is resistant to corrosion; and it cannot be damaged by the insects.

Our life is too fast to spend it on painting and taking care about the siding of our house. To save this time for your family you can use low maintenance siding, which will be both easy and inexpensive to keep it in good condition.

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